Acquire Skills and Knowledge in BSC 4-unit Program

certificate iv in leadership and management

Certificate iv in leadership and management – Bachelor of Science in Business Management or BSB4 qualifies candidates on their ability to enhance current business practices, develop new ones, and analyze existing business documents. The program can be completed at a college or an institution of higher learning. It can be obtained from many community colleges and universities. Upon successful completion of this program, one is awarded a certificate. Those who have already acquired the knowledge and skills in this field can take an examination to upgrade their credentials.

Acquire Skills and Knowledge in BSC 4-unit Program

The two main courses in Bachelor of Science in Business Management Certificate IV are strategic planning and advanced strategic planning. In each of these units, students have to demonstrate their prior knowledge and skills. The strategic planning course helps students to acquire necessary knowledge in planning and organizing activities in various settings. It also covers some topics in planning, organizing and managing team processes. It is followed by the strategic planning unit in which students study and gain the necessary skills to plan, organize and manage various activities, projects and processes.

In order to successfully complete the course, students have to pass the examination conducted by the National Association for College Credit Counseling (NCCAC) and the Professional Development Institute (PDI). Course fees vary depending on the number of units taken and the course duration. Apart from these, there are other fee-based study modes offered by the institutions offering certificate or in leadership and management. These include the self-study mode, which is mainly for those who are not too confident with taking tests and those who do not wish to enroll for classroom study.

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