How BTR Bike Phone Holders Can Save You Money

In order to truly feel the difference in quality a bike phone holder, be it for your regular bike or your touring bike, must be of the highest quality possible. There is no point getting a cheap one if it’s going to break within a few months of you using it. It’s the same way with a handle bar mount – cheap isn’t the same as good. Here are some things you should look for when shopping for a bike phone holder:

bike phone holder

How BTR Bike Phone Holders Can Save You Money

The BTR Bike Phone Holder & Handlebar Mount (and breat) offers exactly what its name implies and this is an honest review of what BTR offers in terms of bike phone holder and handlebar mounts. It is not the easiest solution to handlebar storage, but then again for barely a tenner and only 5.99 for the small medium sized case, it’s the best deal for under a tenner. The design of the BTR mount is a clever compromise between style and strength, with the quick release clips providing easy installation and a lock system that make the unit nearly impossible to steal. The lock system does make it slightly more difficult to remove, but the ease of installation makes this a worthy investment.

When looking at these bike phone holders, it’s important not to forget about safety features. Many people take great care and pride in their bikes and take all necessary precautions to ensure they are as safe and secure as possible, without taking any unnecessary chances. This sort of safety would include securing the frame to your car chassis, mounting lights and reflectors so that there are no bright lights shining into your eyes when you’re riding at night, and you may even want to invest in anti-rust coatings for your key chain and fob. But then again, don’t neglect the safety aspects of a BTR either – many have built-in GPS units that will help you find your way when you get lost, as well as voice activation to call out to people who may be riding close to you. All in all, then it’s a case of finding the best route for you – whether that’s going down hill or up a rocky mountain.

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