How the West Coast Supply Chain For Online Dispensaries of Medical Marijuana Has Been Evolving

Ordering pot at an online dispensary Canada has never been easier, or safer, than it is right now. Since July 1st, when legalization of marijuana for recreational use became official in Canada, hundreds of new stores have opened their doors. Unfortunately, since legalizing on October 1st, there are all kinds of newly opened stores, both legitimate and not so legitimate, pop up around the country. A quick Google search of where to buy pot online in Canada results in lots of different choices to select from, but which ones really are legit, and which aren’t? Here’s how to find an online dispensary that’s legit, reliable, and most of all, delivers on their promises to deliver top-quality products: West coast supply.

How the West Coast Supply Chain For Online Dispensaries of Medical Marijuana Has Been Evolving

The main online dispensary Canada is actually one store that may not even live up to what they claim to be. This store, called Weed md, is actually an online marketing company that sells “moldable” cannabis, not the kind you can lay down and snort, like in the movie “weed”. Instead, users are supposed to “shatter” their edible buds with a handheld device, like a blow dryer, or an airless smoker. This type of delivery method allows people to ingest their edibles without any of the usual after effects, such as nausea, vomiting, or coughing.

The west coast supply chain for marijuana in Canada is also getting ready to gear up for legalization and is beginning to do things a little differently than their east coast counterparts. In fact, while much of the product is being moved to B.C. stores first, many of the old-fashioned storefront marijuana “retail outlets” are also beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. While storefronts have always been viable options, it looks like marijuana retail in Canada is about to undergo a complete makeover, and the result will probably be some seriously revolutionary products hitting the shelves this year.

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