How to Assess a Home Care Agency?

The agency must notify the government if it accepts a new client, which means the agency has to inform the client of the contract. and the duration of the contract, the charges for the services and the benefits that may be provided, the types of care provided, and any other important information that help the client understand what services are being offered. It must also provide them with copies of all correspondence that has been sent between the agency and the client. Read more

Home Care Agencies – More Practical Tips

The home care agency cannot accept any government funds unless the client has been approved by the government. This is done by submitting paperwork that details everything from the cost of providing the services, the number of beds provided, the amount of time the agency will be in residence, and other important information the client must provide in order to ensure that the agency is following the rules.

Home Care Agency is a professional service offered in the patient’s private residence to promote, protect, or improve health or reduce the effects of disability and illness. Services can range from nursing care to medical equipment, speech, occupational and personal therapies. The services are usually available 24 hours per day, seven days a week in most cases.

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