What Is Air Suspension?

Air Suspension is a type of car suspension that is powered by either an engine or electric motor-powered air pump. This pump pumps the compressed air into a flexible tube, usually designed from textile-reinforcement rubber. Air Suspension uses two different types of air pressure, depending on the type of car, the weather and driving conditions. The air that is pumped into the suspension also has a specific temperature that is regulated by the speed it was at the time of release.

Air Suspension systems usually work in much the same way as standard car airbags. The air pressure is supplied by the engine to the tubes, and the force of the air pushing down against the suspension can then be controlled by the control system. It has been found that air suspension systems can be used for many different types of road conditions. The first use of air suspension was for racing.

For racing, it is important to keep in mind that air suspension will allow for much more power in high-performance vehicles, which is why it has been a favorite with those who race. Today, many sports car owners prefer to have a system on their vehicle for both performance and safety. Many of the systems are adjustable and are used to help control the speed at which the car is traveling. When looking for air suspension for your car, you should look for something that has been tested in race settings and has been proven to be highly effective in controlling the speed and acceleration of any vehicle.

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